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Fashion women's wear

Private customization

Personal Tailor

Discuss and tailor

After the designer negotiated with the customer and determined the customization intention, he helped the customer to measure the proportion of the figure

Designer drawing

According to the customer's preferences, to achieve the effect, the occasion to wear out the design plan, the designer will be detailed and patiently explain the creativity

Sample fabric selection

Select fabric, color, try to specify the fabric made of "semi-finished" semi-finished neckline cuff shoulder can also be modified...

Continuously perfect

Sample clothes - semi-finished products - finished haute couture must have more than three attempts of continuous modification and improvement like Dior haute couture...


Fashion Information

Hangzhou IMAGE Recycle products

Hangzhou IMAGE Recycle products and RDS down feather products are very welcomed during our exhibition in ISPO MUNICH 2020 Outdoor sports industry will once again usher in a new era of development and realize industrial transformation and consumption upgrading.More and more people pay attention to the sustainable development and function of fabric. People realize the importance of protecting animals and environment.