Private customization

Personal Tailor

Usage scenario

1.Provides the characteristic for the enterprise uniform

2.Provides the spirit for the team's uniform

3.To provide safety for oil workers

4.For the team uniforms to provide handsome

5.Provide functionality for airlines

Provide multi - size service

We provide multi-size customized services for all working groups, and strive to wear the most suitable one for you

Designer drawing

According to the customer's preferences, to achieve the effect, the occasion to wear out the design plan, the designer will be detailed and patiently explain the creativity

Try the sample and choose the fabric

According to customers' preferences, to achieve the effect, we provide a variety of styles and functions of clothing for different groups for selection, designers according to the effect customers want to draw.

Avant-garde printing

Reflective printing, in the night, the flash shows a different trend.The design way of geometric pattern module superposition, the pattern of interest got rid of the old atmosphere, has the function practicability, greatly publicized personalization.